“There are short cuts to happiness and dancing is one of them” - Vikki Baum


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Flower Mound Group Dance Lessons

Looking for something fun to do with your friends or a group of acquaintances who share the same interests as you? Register for Flower Mound group dance lessons – they are fun, engaging and a great opportunity to spend time with other people.

Here at Dance Vision Studios, we get people from all stages of life, especially engaged couples who want to dance at their wedding and adults with grown children who want a fun and healthy activity to fill their time.

We have plenty of room for new students, so find a class that fits your needs and skill level. Contact us today to learn more about our Flower Mound group dance classes!

Benefits of Taking Dance Lessons as a Group

Dance is a social activity that you can enjoy on your own, with a partner or with a group of people. It can be hard to find a handful of friends who enjoy dancing, but you’ll have no trouble meeting dance lovers here! Our group dance lessons in Flower Mound TX are perfect for everyone – singletons, couples and even a small group of friends!

The benefits of taking Flower Mound group dance classes are:

  • Build social connections
  • Spend less than private lessons
  • Learn from others in your class
  • Enjoy a sense of camaraderie
  • Develop confidence and self-esteem
  • Be ready to dance at social events

Dance is something that most people want to share! By taking a group lesson, you’ll be ready to show off your dance moves at your next wedding, gala or business event!

Why Choose Us for Flower Mound Group Dance Lessons

Dance Vision Studios is a leading dance studio in the area, offering a great mixture of ballroom dancing, country dancing and swing dancing in a group setting. If there are certain skills you want to work on first, you can do so in our private lessons. When you’re ready, our group dance classes in Flower Mound TX will get you out of your comfort zone and dancing in front of others!

With Dance Vision Studios, you can expect beautiful studios, friendly instructors and reasonable rates. All instructors are registered with the National Dance Council of America and follow the DVIDA syllabus. To learn more about our Flower Mound group dance lessons, contact our dance studios today!