“There are short cuts to happiness and dancing is one of them” - Vikki Baum


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Flower Mound Tango Dance Lessons

Imagine the look on everyone’s faces when you start dancing the tango at your cousin’s wedding! Dance Vision Studios offers professional Flower Mound tango dance lessons that will set you up for success. The tango can be quite difficult to learn, but with the right instruction, you will see results sooner! And you’ll be having fun in the process – not feeling overwhelmed or frustrated.

Dance Vision Studios is proud to share our passion for dancing with the rest of the community! Our Flower Mound tango dance instructors are skilled and qualified, which means you will be learning from the best. They are registered with the National Dance Council of America and follow the widely popular DVIDA syllabus.

To sign up for Flower Mound tango dance classes, contact our dance studio today! We have affordable rates and convenient class times to accommodate your schedule.

How Hard is it to Learn the Tango?

The tango takes effort to learn. As we like to tell our students, learning to tango is a journey – not just a dance. When you take tango dance lessons in Flower Mound TX, you will also be developing confidence and self-esteem and learning to work with your partner. Having the right instructor will also make a significant difference in how quickly you learn.

On average, it takes about three months to learn the tango. Of course, this is a very rough guide. Some people take longer, and that’s okay! Practice is also key. If you’re not practicing in between Flower Mound tango dance lessons, it will take longer to master the skills. This is why it’s helpful when both partners are committed to learning.

Why Choose Our Tango Dance Instructors in Flower Mound TX

Dance Vision Studios is proud to offer professional dance instruction for all levels. You can turn to our Flower Mound tango dance classes if you’re a beginner or simply looking to improve your skills. And, if you don’t have a partner, you can start learning the basics on your own. We can then pair you up with someone!

The benefits of taking tango dance classes in Flower Mound TX with us are:

  • Skilled, qualified dance instructors
  • Private and group classes available
  • Affordable rates
  • Convenient location and class times
  • Spacious, well-maintained studios

To register for Flower Mound tango dance lessons, contact Dance Vision Studios today!