“There are short cuts to happiness and dancing is one of them” - Vikki Baum


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Dance Vision Studios is one of the finest Frisco ballroom dance studios. We have highly qualified instructors, a luxurious studio and private and group classes. Our lessons can be modified to fit your exact needs, so don’t worry if you’ve never danced before! We have options for you!

Dance for Your Health at Our Ballroom Dance Studios in Frisco TX

Ballroom dancing may seem to be more popular than ever before, but this dance style dates back to the 16th century. Thanks to shows like Dancing with the Stars, ballroom dancing continues to be “in.” All over the country, kids and adults are learning how to do this style of dance.

Dance Vision Studios is a positive and stress-free environment where you can learn to dance at your own pace. Here are the ways that we set ourselves apart from other studios:

  • Qualified instructors. All Frisco ballroom dance instructors are experienced and qualified. Many were competitive dancers and are registered with the National Dance Council of America.
  • Elegant studio. Frisco ballroom dance studios are popping up all over, but not all are the same. We maintain a luxurious studio that features hardwood flooring, contemporary lighting and a large, open space to dance.
  • Wide range of dances. One of the neat aspects to ballroom dancing is that there are many dances to try. Our ballroom dance instructors in Frisco TX can teach you the Foxtrot, Mambo, Paso Doble, Waltz and more!
  • Physical benefits. Dancing is an aerobic exercise, so you get amazing health benefits, such as increased flexibility, a strengthened core and weight loss.
  • Long-term benefits. Researchers are learning that dancing is more than just a fun hobby. Ballroom dancing has been shown to improve mental acuity and prevent Alzheimer’s disease.

Dance Vision Studios has qualified Frisco ballroom dance instructors who will create an individualized lesson plan for you. Each week, you’ll work on these goals and become a more comfortable and confident dancer. Imagine all of the physical, mental and social benefits you can expect!

To dance at our Frisco ballroom dance studios, contact Dance Vision Studios today.