“There are short cuts to happiness and dancing is one of them” - Vikki Baum


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While paying attention to the condition of a dance studio is important, paying attention to the instructors you’re assigned will also determine your experience and how well you learn to dance. This is one of the reasons why we invest in the best McKinney ballroom dance instructors. We focus on the attributes of each instructor before we allow them to join our McKinney ballroom dance studios, and we also ensure they are registered with the National Dance Council of America. Additional qualities we look out for include:


This is a very important factor, especially for beginners. We understand that you may need guidance with patience to help you learn the basic as well as expert moves. Our ballroom dance instructors in McKinney TX will not rush you in any way.


We look for dance instructors who are passionate about teaching as well as dancing. These two go hand in hand and therefore, lack of one will affect the other.


Our ballroom dance studios in McKinney TX have dedicated and committed instructors that do everything in their power to teach you to dance. They know how to handle every dancer with their different levels of dancing. With us, you will get attention and care even if you’re a beginner.


The way a dance instructor interacts with the clients shows the level of professionalism they have. You need instructors that will treat you with respect and handle themselves in a professional manner. The reputation of our McKinney ballroom dance studios depends on the level of professionalism showcased by the instructors and that is why we choose the best.

All our teachers are also flexible, skilled, respectful and they can inspire. With all these attributes, you are guaranteed the most enjoyable learning experience in our McKinney ballroom dance studios. Call us today and have the best instructors for your dance lessons.