“There are short cuts to happiness and dancing is one of them” - Vikki Baum


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McKinney Swing Dance Lessons

Swing dance is one of the most versatile of partnered dances. The dance is perfect for persons of all ages and can be danced to virtually any music provided it is in 4/4 time. Our commitment is to provide the most personalized McKinney swing dance lessons. We only work with teachers who are fully qualified and registered with the National Dance Council of America. Craig, the headteacher, is a former World Youth Champion and is able to coach anyone from beginner to the highest level. In addition to our highly trained team, when taking our McKinney swing dance classes, you enjoy a studio with the highest quality environment. Our studio is beautifully set up and luxurious.

Our Clients

While we work with persons with all skill levels, our main clients are wedding couples getting ready for their first dances. Each year we work with about 200 couples. We also work with couples aged between 40 and 60 years who are searching for a new way to reconnect by doing something fun together. Our McKinney swing dance instructors have a lot of experience guiding solo ladies who want to keep fit or simply love dancing. Come take swing dance lessons in McKinney TX with us. Our teachers are professional and committed to helping you excel and have fun.

Why take McKinney swing dance lessons?

There are so many reasons why you should consider taking swing dance classes in McKinney TX. The main ones are:

  • Health & fitness benefits: Proven university research shows dancing can benefit persons with high blood pressure, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s.
  • Promote social growth: While working with our swing dance instructors in McKinney TX you get to make new friends.
  • Business growth: You never have to shy off from company dinner dances, functions, and weddings.
  • Stress relief: McKinney swing dance classes after work are very calming.

At Texas Dance Projects we are here to offer you the best McKinney swing dance lessons. Contact us now to find out more.