“There are short cuts to happiness and dancing is one of them” - Vikki Baum


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Memorial Houston Group Dance Lessons

Whether you are looking for talent training, a special way to celebrate, or simply need a little dazzle at an event, Dance Vision Texas can help you achieve your goals and make an indelible impression. Our Memorial Houston group dance lessons offer a fun way to learn how to dance in a friendly social setting. The classes are perfect for anyone who wants to learn how to dance with different partners or get used to dancing close to other partners. Our Memorial Houston group dance classes further offer a fun way of meeting new people and improving your dancing.


  • More affordable – When compared to private dance lessons, group dance lessons cost less. This is because when you sign up for our group dance lessons in Memorial Houston TX, you will be sharing the instructor and studio with multiple other students.
  • Build social connections – The best thing about group dance classes is their social nature. In the group class, you will interact and dance with other students. This helps make new friends as well as build new connections.
  • Get a chance to learn from others – Our group dance classes in Memorial Houston TX yield great results because students can learn a skill or step from one another and give each other fresh perspectives. What this means is you will learn not only from our qualified and registered instructors but also from fellow students.
  • A fun-filled dance hub – Learning how to dance with other individuals is fun and helps build confidence together. You enjoy a sense of camaraderie.


Whether you are interested in company team building or dancing fun with friends, we’ve got you covered. All our Memorial Houston group dance lessons happen in a fully equipped and well-maintained studio with cushioned dance floors. The studio is also big enough to accommodate multiple dancers. We also have the best instructors, who are friendly and professional enough to make you feel relaxed. We also teach the DVIDA syllabus, which is the most respected in the US. Sign up for a group dance lesson today.