“There are short cuts to happiness and dancing is one of them” - Vikki Baum


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Prosper Wedding Dance Choreographers

If you’re thinking of having one of your wedding dances choreographed, Dance Vision Studios can help! Our Prosper wedding dance choreographers have organized many dances for couples on their big day. Whether it’s your first dance, your bridal party dance or another dance that you want to impress guests with, our instructors can put together a memorable scene for everyone to enjoy.


Why Choose Our Prosper Wedding Dance Instructors

Dance Vision Studios offers private lessons where you and your partner will receive individualized attention. Our wedding dance instructors in Prosper TX commonly work with the Waltz, Rumba and Foxtrot. We can do anything, really, especially if your wedding has a particular theme. 

For example, if you’re having a country wedding, our wedding dance choreographers in Prosper TX can choreograph a simple two step dance for you. Or, if there’s a particular dance that you enjoy, we can work around that. There are many ways to make a simple wedding dance your own! 

By choosing our Prosper wedding dance choreographers, you can expect:

  • Seasoned dancers. Our instructors aren’t just teachers – they’re seasoned dancers. They have competed in dance competitions and have years of experience to refer to.
  • Qualified instructors. All Prosper wedding dance instructors are registered with the National Dance Council of America. Other studios do not require their dancers to be qualified.
  • Fun, supportive atmosphere. You have a big day coming up, and we want you to have the comfort and confidence you need. At the same time, we keep our teaching style fun and stress free – it’s the best way to learn!
  • Luxury studio. Enjoy dancing in our stunning studio that has hardwood floors, contemporary lighting and large mirrors. It’s elegant and professional.

Let our Prosper wedding dance choreographers organize a dance for you and your soon-to-be bride or groom. You’ll build memories in the process and be prepared with something extraordinary on your special day.