“There are short cuts to happiness and dancing is one of them” - Vikki Baum


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Team Building

Dance Vision Texas offers a wide array of fully customizable team building break out sessions fit for any event from 10-1000 people. Get attendees off their chair and on their feet to increase connectivity, promote team work, inspire creativity and build confidence. Activate your members right brain with any of the following fun team activity solutions:

1 Hour Break Outs – The Stress Buster

Avoid “death by powerpoint” and energize the room.

This basic level dance class can be based around a specific style of dance. Bring to life a Sassy Salsa, head to Havana for the Cuban Rumba or Cowboy it up with a 2-Step. A warm up will get everyone’s blood flowing followed by a fun group class focused on allowing freedom on movement to shake off the stresses of the working day an nurture a healthier working environment.

2 Hour Break Outs – The Twist & Shout

Get into Character and Re-Create a Classic

This basic level class and performance break out allows you to choose a classic from movies and theatre and our team of professional instructors will help your group bring it to life. The longer nature of this session out allows for not only fun learning but also short a short rehearsal time before a live performance of what has been learned. So bring out your teams inner zombie with Thriller or throw on the leather jackets for some Grease Lightening.

For larger groups more than one can be selected and the participants divided.

½ Day 4 Hour Break Outs – The Team Builder –

Break up into groups, assign leaders and get creative for your own in house “world of Dance” event

Our most popular team building break out has it all. Your members are broken into teams, randomly assigned music and a professional instructor. A custom dance in then created with set space for individual talents and creativity to be showcased. Once the learning is underway pre-designated leaders will manage a rehearsal time before all groups come together for the dance off! Only one group can take home the title and mirror ball trophies but all the participants will leave this break out smiling and laughing with a great sense of achievement.

There is no bounds to the possibilities in these numbers as props and costumes are provided and actively encouraged for each group to not only showcase their creativity in dance but also their teamwork and connectivity in story telling.

Which group will be your event champion.